Responsible Reliable Recruitment...Recruiting teachers for schools
Recruitment is our passion, not just our job
Responsible Reliable Recruitment...Recruiting teachers for schools
Recruitment is our passion, not just our job

What our teachers say about us

We recognise that it is difficult to decide which recruitment partner to choose, especially given the large number and the very attractive offers they generally make.

Our advice is simple; learn from the experience of other teachers, especially teachers from your own country who have made the move before you. This way you are likely to get an impartial view.

When you have chosen your preferred recruiter, make sure you ask to speak to more than one of their current teachers, just to be sure.

To help you make a start, please read and listen to some of our teachers:

• Listen to Stephanie talk about how we took the stress and worry out of the process, and lived up to our pledge to always respond to emails within twenty-four hours.

• We often organise social activities for our teachers; at one we asked them what they thought new teachers should think about before deciding to teach in England
• One of our Canadian science teachers, Steve, gave us his views about the support he received. Perhaps more importantly, he ended by remarking on our salaries, which we make sure are among the highest in the sector.
Michael, Deirdre and Whitney all contributed to give us their thoughts about the support they have received from Responsible Reliable Recruitment and the challenges and rewards about teaching in England. Aiden, Andi, David and Emmet echo those views.
Dejana, too, who was kind enough to describe us as, ‘Like a breath of fresh air’ among the recruiters. She talks about how she fell in love with London, and grew as a professional.
• We know that it can be bewildering, difficult and frustrating to get set up overseas. That is why we put so much emphasis on helping our teachers when they first arrive. Brian, for example, realises he was underprepared.
• Brian also describes what a relief it is to collect all your luggage and just jump into a free taxi cab to take you to your accommodation.

• How easy the move to England can be with a supportive recruiter like Responsible Reliable Recruitment is also referred to by Mike and Andrew, who are two of many teachers sharing accommodation and making new friends with people from all around the globe sharing the same experience. Andrew, like Steve, mentions the higher salaries our teachers often enjoy.

But don’t take our word for it, ask to speak to some of our teachers about their experiences!

Responsible Reliable Recruitment …our name says it all!

Recruitment is our passion, not just our job!