Are you a student teacher thinking of teaching in the UK?
Is your school thinking of employing a teacher from overseas?
See how RRR can help you remove the unknown and ‘Dip your TOE in the water!
(TOE is Teaching Overseas Experience)

They say that ‘sometimes the simplest ideas are the best’.

‘Dipping your TOE in the water ’ is RRR’s solution to removing the unknown for:

  • Overseas student teachers thinking of teaching in the UK when they graduate
  • UK schools thinking of employing an overseas trained teacher.

In simple terms, the student teacher visits the UK for a teaching practice in the school, so that:

  • The student teacher experiences teaching and living in the UK
  • The school gets to know the student teacher first hand
  • So both see if they are a good fit for each other.

As one UK headteacher put it, “It gives both parties a chance to ‘try before you buy’ and takes the unknown out of the equation”.

All UK schools are chosen because:

  • Leadership and management is exceptional, so student teachers are guaranteed the support and guidance they need
  • Schools have a strong track record of supporting and mentoring student teachers and beginning teachers.

Sometimes student teachers do this as part of their university’s programme, sometimes they visit when they have a break from university, such as ‘Spring Break’ in Canada, or a university’s ‘Reading Week’.

To find out more and view our brochure:

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  • school leaders click here for your version
  • universities click here for your version

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