Responsible Reliable Recruitment…putting the 3Rs back into Education!

Recommend a teacher and receive a generous ‘thank you’ gift

It is our experience that good teachers often know other good teachers, too.

You may know teachers who may be thinking of working overseas, or are open-minded just waiting for the right opportunity. It is possible that one of your friends has had a change of circumstances and is now looking to travel.

If you know someone who you think is suitable and will be a success overseas, please give them our contact details.

If you introduce us to someone and they confirm you as the person who connected us, we will pay you a ‘thank you’ in whatever currency you choose, once they have worked two weeks through Responsible Reliable Recruitment.

We feel two weeks is fair; by then, they have demonstrated they can succeed in England, without your payment being delayed too long.

The minimum ‘thank you’ is £250 or the equivalent in any currency you prefer (calculated on the day the teacher completes the two week period). However, the amount of the ‘thank you’ can be higher, it depends on the urgency we have to fill that vacancy, and the shortage of the subject we are looking to find. Contact us at for our current offer, but remember it will never be less than £250.

This offer is always open to you all year round, it never closes. Although at any particular time we will be looking for particular subjects, if you recommend someone who teaches a different subject, we will try to find them a job and if we succeed, you will receive the ‘thank you.’

Please contact us on for current vacancies, or to suggest a high quality teacher you can recommend.