Responsible Reliable Recruitment…putting teachers, schools and children first!
Our Aim

  • We want to get to know your school so that we better match potential employees to your school’s needs
  • We hope to establish a positive working relationship that lasts many years built on


  • We will never take short cuts, we will never put forward unsuitable candidates
  • We will always tell you if we cannot find someone we are comfortable putting forward for your vacancy (but we will never cease looking until you tell us)


  • We will always go ‘the extra mile’ and do our best for you and your school
  • We will always offer you a solution but never forget it is your choice

Schools’ brochure

  • Please click here to see some of the successful ways we currently work with schools to meet their recruitment needs outlined in our schools’ brochure
  • But we are happy to talk to you about other innovative ways we might work together to meet your school’s particular requirements.

How are we different?

  • We want to build a long term relationship with your school, based on providing a high quality service at a fair rate
  • Our approach is to get to know your school and what it is you want us to provide

Our Pledge is our word to our teachers